Low Speed Electric Vehicles

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Transport Canada and the federal government want to re-define Low Speed Electric Vehicles (LSEVs) in a way that will prevent them from being used on public roads!
(LSEVs are also known as Neighborhood Electric Vehicles or NEVs - mainly in the US).

This proposal will:

  • prohibit LSEVs from low speed residential streets and other appropriate roads where pedestrians, bicycles and cars are currently allowed
  • restrict LSEVs to closed areas such as campuses and "gated communities"
  • prevent you from using your LSEV to get groceries or run other errands
  • give Canadians fewer options than their American counterparts who can drive LSEVs on low-speed roads in 48 states.
  • squash development of Canadian LSEVs and put Canadian businesses at a disadvantage
  • prevent Canadian companies like ZENN motorcars and Dynasty from selling their LSEVs in Canada
  • prevent Canadian provinces from allowing LSEVs on low speed roads (only B.C. allows LSEVs on the road right now)

Read: EVCO reply to proposed regulatory changes (PDF) - submitted to Transport Canada on Feb 20, 2008

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