Charging While Traveling

The public charging network is improving every month with more and faster chargers being installed across Canada. The extended range of modern EVs is making it easier than ever to take road trips without burning gas!

A common misconception about charging on the road is you need to use your entire battery, then recharge to 100%. In fact, it’s more efficient to stop a few times if needed for much shorter periods of time. Our members who take longer trips often mention how their charging stops were just enough time to take a comfort break and grab a coffee before the session was completed!

For most EV drivers, you will use Level 3 fast chargers on a road trip. The focus of government and business has been to install these along major roads and highways. For example, did you know that ONroute locations along the 400 and 401 highways in Ontario have either activated or are installing fast chargers from the Ivy network? Many businesses and municipalities are also installing fast chargers along the 17, 417, and other main highways in the region.

Planning your route and finding chargers requires a little planning, but your car and some great apps will help you out. Most modern EVs will have built-in mapping, which allows you to set a destination, and the route will recommend where to charge and for how long.

Two popular phone apps (available on iOS and Android) are A Better Route Planner and Plug Share. Both apps will recommend the ideal route, where to charge, and for how long. You can also configure the apps to select desired networks or charging speeds.

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