Parliamentary e-Petition for a Strong National EV Policy

A petition was just launched on the House of Commons e-petition site, calling upon the Minister of Transport to:

1. Set an ambitious electric vehicle deployment target: 13 countries had already established deployment targets in 2016, in addition to 8 American states. The Canadian government has yet to set such a target and send a clear signal to the market that Canada is committed to electric mobility.

2. A national Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) mandate to ensure consumers have access to electric vehicles: In 2016, the Quebec Government adopted a ZEV mandate, which requires automobile manufacturers to sell a minimum number of ZEVs. This law stimulates the supply of ZEVs and makes it possible for consumers to see, try and purchase an electric vehicle.

3. Provide federal financial incentives for ZEVs: Quebec residents currently have access to an $8,000 rebate on electric vehicles and British Columbians have access to a 5,000$ incentive, but residents of other provinces don’t have access to any provincial support to purchase an electric vehicle. Federal incentives would give a clear signal to Canadian consumers and to automakers that Canada is engaged in the transition to electric mobility.

Canadian citizens and residents of all ages are invited to sign this petition:

You may have signed petitions on similar topics in the past, so you may be wondering: why sign another one? This petition is hosted on the House of Commons’ e-petition site and is sponsored by a federal Member of Parliament. If we collect 500 signatures or more, it will be presented at the House of Commons, and the federal government will be required to provide a response within 45 calendar days following the presentation.

We’re only a few days short of the 1-year mark from the next federal elections. We must continue to raise these issues and ensure that they are addressed before the election – or at least, included in the upcoming electoral agenda and addressed early on in the next mandate.

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Twitter : Transportation is responsible for 28% of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions. We must accelerate the deployment of electric vehicles to limit global warming. Ask the federal government to take these 3 measures:

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Despite how important transport electrification is in the fight against climate change, Canada has yet to set an electric vehicle deployment target, and adopt a Zero Emission Vehicle mandate to increase the supply of EVs for Canadians. Canadian citizens and residents are invited to sign this petition, to accelerate the deployment of EVs in Canada:

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